Annual General Meeting 2018

The Annual General Meeting of Gosford Musical Society will be held on Tuesday 20th November 2018 in the mirror room, at the shed, Laycock Street, Gosford at 7.30pm.


Only Life members and financial members 18 years of age and over are entitled to vote.


Please find below the Notice of AGM and General Meeting, Agenda for 2018 AGM, a Committee Nomination form, the President's Annual Report for 2017-2018, and Minutes from last year’s AGM.

For those who cannot attend the meeting, a postal vote form for electing comittee nominees can be obtained from GMS President Ros English.

Please note: committee nominations and voting for the AGM 2018 have now closed.


Please also note that postal votes will only be accepted from financial and Life members on the appropriate form and no postal votes will be accepted after 5pm on Tuesday 20th November 2018.

GMS Committee nominations 2019

President: Ros English

Vice Presidents (x2): Noel Borger, Darryl Davis, David Rowe, Ruth Tiffen

Secretary: Rosie Ross

Treasurer: Karen Johnston

Floor Members (x4): Noel Borger, Darryl Davis, Nilzen Lumsden, Theresa Pembroke, David Rowe, Zoe Thompson, Ruth Tiffen

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