9th - 13th July 2019

Laycock Street Community Theatre

Presented by Gosford Musical Society Juniors


Directed by Kerrie Rochford

Musical Direction by Ben Ross & Vivienne McLaren

Choreographed by Jissel Toomey


First there was Romeo and Juliet, then came West Side Story and now Elton John’s melodies bring this ageless tale of love and loss to life once again in AIDA.

Come back in time to ancient Egypt – a princess and army captain betrothed; Radames, captain of Pharaoh’s army, captures Nubians down the Nile. Aida, the beautiful Nubian princess is among the captives and comes to the attention of the handsome young officer. Radames’ ambitious father, Zoser, with his eyes on Egypt’s throne, is slowly poisoning Pharaoh to step in and take control of the kingdom. Despite being conflicted in love, Aida’s love for her people and their freedom is utmost in her mind. On the eve of Princess Amneris’ marriage to Radames, the love affair is discovered and whilst helping Aida’s father to escape, Radames finds himself captured, along with Aida, and the two are condemned to die. Even in death, though, love conquers all.

From the director who brought Camp Rock (2012) and Narnia (2015) to the Laycock Street Theatre, Kerrie Rochford is delighted to bring this story to life for you on stage. With the music of Elton John and words by Tim Rice, you will be moved, amused, gripped and transported to the past, in all its colourful glory by Gosford Musical Society’s Juniors.

AIDA Cast List.jpg